Sunday, October 3, 2010

Itty Bitty Infant School - Gymnastics

M is 13 months old!!

M has been going crazy trying to get out on the floor during A's gymnastics. Most of the time you can see his face plastered on the glass of the observation room. Well this past Friday M got his chance. 

On Fridays, our gymnastics place has a toddler time where the little ones basically have the whole gym to themselves and they can run and play on everything. Papa came with us to help out because I was not sure if I would be able to keep an eye on both boys. They had so much fun. M loved the trampoline even though he didn't have enough weight to actually jump. He happily bounced and would climb on with the other tots who carefully bounced him. M was just so excited to be out there and get to explore. 

With M we have been working on using a fork. He loves to hold one and lately he has been actually trying and getting some food on his fork or spoon. After gymnastics, we went to lunch and M thought it would be nice to help his big brother finish his pancakes. Notice M is keeping a close eye on his bothers chocolate milk... don't worry he helped himself to that next. 

We have also been focusing on M's verbal skills. In the last week he has been saying so much. He can now say Juice, ball, football, hi, mama, dada, his brothers name, and a few others that he randomly will say. He can sign please. more, cookie, and eat along with shaking his head yes or no (mostly no my stubborn little guy) to tell us what he wants. 

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