Sunday, October 3, 2010

Me do it!

A is 27 months!

This past week seems to have been very busy. It seemed like we had something to do everyday. We did however manage to get some schooling is. A is very excited about school lately and asks me repeatedly "school time now, school time now mama."

I had read somewhere that learning to crab walk can help with prewriting skills because it teaching communication between the brain and your hands and also builds up strength. I don't know if this is true but we sure had fun trying. A took awhile to get it but he finally did and was so proud. 

A has also been learning to spread peanut butter. He loves to help "cook" so I thought it was a good time to teach him. It really teaching his to be patient and control. These are both something this little one needs!

And of course it would not be school without some sort of worksheet. A LOVES worksheets and of course "Me do it" is a consistent phrase out if this toddlers mouth so anything he can do independently we both love. A has used glue sticks before but he is starting to understand directions and concepts of what to do. I cut out the shapes and told him to glue them in the correct leaf and he did it perfectly. He also did one with cherries and having to glue them in that basket with his daddy and loved that one too. 

And here are some action shots from A at the toddler time at Gymnastics. This boy honestly ran for literally and hour straight. He wore me out just watching him. 

And here is my favorite picture of the week. The boys were showing some brotherly love (no biting or crying was involved this time).


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