Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Almost there.

I can't believe we are going to be starting school in 13 days. I feel so overwhelmed and excited. My wonderful husband gave me a planning day so I was able to get away and just plan plan plan. The problem with this is I have SOOOO many ideas I cant seem to focus. I was very proud of my first lapbook I made for A. While I was looking at numerous blogs I came across a great sit that had lots of activities based on the bible. I decided that I was going to base a lot of curriculum around a bible story. We are going to attempt to go somewhat in order so we are beginning with creation. With all the ideas I have, I think we could be on creation for about a month so I have to control myself or we will get nowhere fast. My plan in to start introducing A to numbers so each day we will talk about what happened that day, decorate the number, and create our own number/bible. I think I am more excited for school to start then the kids.

M I am a little stuck on. He attention span is that of a well..... 1 year old so getting him do do anything that does not involve food will be a challenge. I think I am going to just take lots of deep breaths and try to remind myself that its ok if he doesn't sit. I am a very structured person (ok I may not look like it on the outside but inside... I am as structured as they get).

Another wonderful idea I have is to get these little ones on a schedule. Anyone that has two little ones this close (a few days short of 14 months apart) knows that structure is the key to sanity.
So here is my ideal (which means it will never happen but I can dream) schedule:

Circle time (this is the teaching degree in me. I can dream right?)
Tot School
Snack (or 10th snack for my little M who never stops eating)
T.V. time
Puzzles or cars (hopefully a nap for M but there I go again dreaming)
Room time
Lunch (again just an extension of M's all day snacks)
Book time
NAP!!!!!!!!! (my favorite part of the day)
Tot School
Free play
Clean up for dinner

Now you might be thinking I am SO structured but I did this because it will NEVER happen like this so I figured the more structured and planned we are, the more likely something will happen from this schedule. I am going to be flexible for when we go out. I would like to have this posted with Velcro strips so that A can take off each task as we complete it but again that's my inside structure, not the outside mama with two ACTIVE boys.

We are also doing (attempting) workboxes this year. A has 6 drawers he will have activities in and M has 3 plastic containers that he will have stuff in. Some activities for M will be done with A so I will not put those in his containers like crafts (I can only see M walking around the house with a dot marker). Anything and is potentially destructive or could cost me time cleaning up, will be kept out if his boxes.

Today we are going to buy A his pencils for school. I have never seen a 2 year old so excited. I am getting him the big ones because I noticed with color pencils, he has a hard time gripping them. He keeps telling me he is getting "sils for my school". I am glad he is so excited because it has been a great incentive this morning to get him to obey (well not obey but think about obeying).

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