Thursday, April 22, 2010

And we are Back!!!

So I guess its true when they say "when it rains it pours". We have just had a flood of distractions and medical issued that have kept us from any sort of normalcy around here. On the day of our little ones dedication, Austin came down with a very bad cold. Nothing to serious but still he was miserable and I was preparing for the baby to get a cold also since the boys do not know how to contain their germs. To my surprise our little guy remained healthy and Austin's cold cleared up within a week except for a slight dry cough. Well a couple of weeks went on and the cough turned into something very nasty. When Austin was a baby he had pneumonia and the cough sounded very similar. My husband and I went back and forth on whether or not to take him to urgent care and on that Sunday we decided to take him. They took x-rays (very traumatizing for Austin) and everything came back ok. They gave him an antibiotic and we thought we were on the road to recovery. After the x-rays, we were waiting to see the doctor. I started to feel very sick. I thought I was just all worked up from seeing Austin so upset. We had to go to my parents house to pick the baby up and it all went downhill from there. Sparing you the details, I could not keep anything down nor sleep for over 24 hours. On Monday, I was so dehydrated, I could barely stand so I had my dad come over, back me and the kids up and take us to his house. I was going to leave them there and then my mom was taking me to the hospital. I got an IV and some medicine to help my stomach. They said a very aggressive and nasty flu was going around lately and that is what I had. I was so tired so we stayed there for the day so I could rest.

Ok so we thought the worst was over. Well on the way home from my parents house Austin got sick and lost everything he ate that day. I was so worried that he would be as bad as I was and didn't want to see him in that pain. My husband and I watched him closely and gave him small amounts of jello and small amounts of liquid to keep him hydrated. By the next day he was back to normal, asking to eat everything in sight.

Ok so that should be the end right.... oh no, our dear little one started to get a cough. The cough started to progress into a very congested sound and he started throwing up his bottles because he would start coughing. I assumed it was the cold Austin had and called the doctor. We took him in right away and come to find out he had bronchitis. He was given a breathing treatment and was put on a breathing treatment at home every 4 hours. Trying to give a 7 month old a 20 minute breathing treatment with a toddler screaming because he is afraid of the machine is not an easy task, all while trying to recover yourself from the flu. Despite how I felt, I was thrown back into mommy mode and did what I had to do. Luckily within a week, I was feeling fine.

So that should be the end, everyone healthy and back to business as normal... oh no. At the doctor appointment for out little guy, our pediatrician stated she was concerned with the shape of his head but was concerned about getting him better so she would discuss that is 4 days when he was scheduled to come back for a recheck. In the meantime, he was supposed to have his tongue tie surgery that was already had to cancel once. This now was on hold until we met with the doctor again the following week. It was a long 4 days and of course I was nervous and scared since I had no details about his head. We all went back, Austin to for a follow up since he finished the antibiotics. Austin got the all clear and the baby was sounding better but she still wanted him on the breathing treatments a few times a day for 2 weeks until she saw him again. The surgery was canceled again due to his breathing. She decided to do head x-rays because she was concerned the sutures on his head had closed prematurely. We headed downstairs to get those taken care of. I am normally not a critic of how people do their job, but this person was awful with dealing with a baby. Our little guy was screaming his head off and she would not let him have his pacifier therefore I knew the x-rays were awful because he would not keep his head still.  We thought this would be the end of it. Well a couple of days later, we got a call saying they wanted him to see a pediatric neurosurgeon right away. They called and set up an appointment for us that was in 2 weeks. This threw me into an absolute panic but as life goes on with a baby and a toddler, the 2 weeks flew by and the appointment came before I even knew it. I had to drive about and hour to the appointment and let me tell you, they were all wonderful with our special guy. The doctor said he didn't feel anything that seemed urgent but wanted to get his own x-rays to look at. From their office, they were sending me downtown to the children's hospital where I would get the x-rays and then meet him in his office there. I was a nervous wreck driving there. I had no idea where I was going but like a determined mama, I got us there. There were so wonderful there and so sweet and gentle with our baby. They took perfect x-rays and he barely cried. They even let him have his pacifier. The doctor reviewed them and said he looked fine and gave us the all clear. The following day we had our recheck with the pediatrician and was given the all clear there to stop the breathing treatments and to go ahead and schedule his surgery.

And in the middle of all this craziness, our little guy started crawling, pulling himself up and walking along things, so now I have to clean, sweep and vacuum about 10 times a day because with a toddler around, you can only imagine what ends up on the floor. Austin was also doing awesome potty training but because of the week I got sick, he regressed and now we are going very slowly.  I just have to get everything else adjusted and back to normal before I can tackle that on again.

Ok so that is the end and that brings us back to yesterday were we just hung out and did nothing stressful since we had such a busy week. Despite all of this we actually did manage to do some sort of learning and Tot School. We did do letter D activities and green. I will go back and post those activities later.

Yesterday we started the letter E. Austin's vocabulary has really been increasing lately so his letter recognition has also increased. We made a letter E elephant. Austin has really been into elephants lately so he really enjoyed making that. We also started focusing on color recognition. He understands there are different colors and knows many of the names but when asked what color something is he usually says blue or some other random color.

Today in celebration of Earth Day, we made our letter E with an Earth theme of blue and green. Austin practiced his fine motor skills of tearing paper which he enjoyed.

We also painted our own Earth. I tried to get Austin to use more blue but he liked the green the best so his Earth lacks many oceans.

I hope to slowly get back into things. I am not going to push myself or Austin and stress us all out. First thing is getting everyone back on a routine with naps and such. I don't have a set plan for E but hope to do more activities next week.

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