Thursday, March 11, 2010

Workboxes and apologies.

First off I am sorry I have not posted anything is awhile. It seems like we have had so much going. Our little one was Dedicated to the Lord in church on Sunday and we had lots of preparing and planning for the family and friends get together after and of course the night before Austin came down with a horrible cold and was not feeling well at all. He did very well and at least made it through the dedication and was relatively good doing the party. Poor little guy just didn't feel good. This week we have takes a break from formal Tot School. With sickness taking a turn with all of us, I have not gotten my act together. We have done some informal learning of course this week but I have not taken pictures. We have had a break in the cold michigan weather so we have spent a lot of time outside. The last couple of days, it has been my turn with this awful cold. I hope to use this down time to get together stuff and get back on track for next week.

Our plan for March is to do St. Patricks day themed things, the letter D, color green, and dentist activities since Austin has his first dentist appointment at the end of the month. Hopefully I can shake this cold and pull myself together.

On a side note I am thinking of switching to the workbox system and would love input from people that have used them for their young tots. How do they work out. What works and what doesn't work. Do you put new stuff in them everyday. Our basement is almost done and I would love to start off down there with this system but do not want to invest in the items if its something I should wait until he is older. All thoughts and comments are welcome and even pictures. I am sure more mammas would love to hear and see your setup. I might even put together a special post of everyones suggestions.


  1. I use workboxes for my two older children (5 and 8), and we love them. However, I don't have any for my 2 year old. I actually wish I did have workboxes for her, though. I have an idea of what I WOULD do if I had them, but I've not had a chance (or space) to try it out yet. I'd also like to see how others do workboxes for their tots. Here's the link if you want to see my workbox system:

  2. Congrats on your baby's dedication! We had our baby dedicated 3 weeks ago. Such a special day!