Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Elephants, Elmo, and Eyes

This week we continued with the letter E. We talked more about the Earth and when asked "where do we live?" Austin will answer "Err" - translation "Earth". When asked "who made the Earth?" he will answer "God".

We did a "dot dot" letter E. Austin did awesome of making sure he filled all the circles before he used the dot markers on the rest of the paper. He is really gaining more focus and patience.

We made an Elmo so that we could talk about Eyes. Austin made this all by himself and placed the eyes, nose and mouth all by himself. He was very proud to show his daddy his "mo" when he got home.

I decided to try a new skill out today. I was not expecting much just thought I would assess where were were and to my surprise Austin did much better then I thought. I printed out tracing sheets from NO TIME FOR FLASHCARDS because they were elephant themed. Austin did the first sheet so well. Even my husband was surprised. I held his hand for the first square and he actually did the second one all by himself and the lines on the bottom. Again he showed mommy not to underestimate him.

We also used our door markers to draw on our front door. Austin LOVES this activity and so do I. We drew E pictures.

Here is our E fridge so far. Tomorrow we are heading to the library granted everyone is in a good mood.

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