Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Week Three- Thursday and Friday

Sorry for the delay in posting. It has been kinda crazy in our toddler world.

On Thursday we has somewhat of a light day. Our little one has not been very cooperative during school time.

Austin really enjoys the toilet paper roll painting so we stuck with our sports theme and he made "basketballs" on a hoop. He did really well when I told him to put them on the net.

Austin also colored with markers. He turned this activity into putting all the caps back on the markers over and over again.

After markers Austin and I did a really cool project that his daddy loves. Austin and I make a U of M football helmet. I had saved a milk jug and while searching for ideas, I can across a bike helmet. I them came of with this idea. It turned our really cute. Austin did all the blue and I went back and did the rest. The only problem I hope to perfect is that the paint flakes off.

Austin also took some time to do his puzzle. He is getting much better at it!

On Friday, Austin had a field trip to Elmo's Green Thumb
Austin loved this a sat through the whole thing. He got very excited when he saw Cookie Monster. Austin also enjoyed popcorn for the first time. 

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