Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Week Four


I had a lot of activities planned for school time today. We started by playing with play dough. This was Austin's request. I decided to add a little twist to his normal play. I cut up a straw and showed him how to stick in in the dough. He really liked this. This worked his fine motor skills along with some patience that he desperately needs to improve. Like always he request I make some balls so we started putting the straws in them. This really worked on his control.

After play dough We make our letter B Bee. Austin did AWESOME at the gluing this time. I placed  a line of glue and Austin placed the paper. As you can see he did very well. I didn't help on any of the stripes.

Just as we were finishing up the our bee, our little man woke up and was demanding to be fed so i set Austin up to practice his spooning rice crispies. Austin has excellent spooning skills but lacks the patience and control. This activity is perfect to strengthen these skills

Later in the day Austin and I baked homemade bread and talked about our verse, Jesus is the bread of life. The bread was so yummy and we both enjoyed having it for a snack after nap time.


Austin had a PAPA day. Our little one had and ENT appointment in the morning so no school for Austin. Instead he got to hang out with his papa and eat ice cream, popcorn, applesauce and lots of other yummy treats.

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