Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Week four = Wednesday

Austin is 19 months old!!

Well we have changed names. It seems to suite us much more since we are new to home schooling. Everyday is filled with challenges and adventures but we are having fun doing it!

Today normally is our library day but my sweet angels decided to sleep in this morning so instead of rushing and trying to get out of the house, we decided to so school at home.

Austin started the day by doing a dot B. He loves these but likes to put the cap back on the dot marker the most.

After I gave Austin some pasta and a pipe cleaner. I showed him how to lace it on and he actually did it. i was very surprised because he has not been interested in any activity like this at all. He was entertained until he filled the pipe cleaner up and then was handing me the tray saying "done"

We made a hand butterfly. I just bought some foam stickers (Michael's has all of their foam stickers for only $4.99 right now!!) and Austin had been eyeing them all morning so we decorated our butterfly with these. Austin is still having trouble figuring out how to stick things on paper without it getting stick to his fingers.

I also tried getting Austin to color a B on dark paper with chalk but he did not want to even try this at all. He did use a sharpie pen for a few minutes to color on it while I was getting other things ready.

Lastly we did our big B. Austin was very excited and ran around me in circles the whole time i was getting it ready. Once it was done he wasted no time getting his cars and new love his Thomas train to drive around on it. The one issue we had this time was that after he was done playing, he began to pull it up. This was my mistake because when we were all done with out A, I had him help me pull it up and throw it away, do in his mind he was just cleaning up. Oh well, at least he was picking up something!

Here is a picture of our Fridge right now from all his projects. 

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