Thursday, February 4, 2010

Week Four- Thursday

Today we all had cabin fever. These Michigan winters can really take a toll on you. Even though it is extremely hard to take both boys out since Austin is at the age where he wants to run, even when told to stop, I knew he needed to get some energy out, before he totally destroyed the house. So today for school, I quickly bundled up both boys (not having time to put very warm clothes on myself) and headed outside for the brief but wonderful hour of sunny skies we had. Austin needless to say, loved it and could not stop moving. We have several small hills around our condo complex and Austin was determined to conquer them. I took this opportunity to reenforce the concept of up and down. He caught on quickly and would state to me up or down, whichever he was doing. After running up and down for about 30 minutes, we headed for a walk around our building. I had Austin identify several things like trees and birds. He happily stated "tee" for each tree or large bush we passed and "no" at each small pile of snow we came across. Austin would have stayed out there all day but unfortunately I was very cold and our poor little ones cheeks were cold and rosy despite being bundled up and wrapped in two blankets. So with a kicking a screaming Austin in hand, we headed inside.
Our sweet little one, taking a nap during our walk. 

On a side note, today we got an awesome addition to our Tot School tools. They are cloth letters. I can not wait to use them and Austin already was excited to identify the A. Thanks Aunt Anne!!


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