Friday, February 5, 2010

B is for Brobee

Today was our final day with B. Tot school has been a challenge with Austin these past two weeks. Maybe because the first two weeks were awesome or maybe because he just has so much energy and its hard to keep him still. Whatever the reason, we pushed through and made some really fun projects and even learned a few things. Austin can identify the letter B but when asked what letter it is says A. Blue has been more of a challenge so I think we will be coming back to it again.

We began our day with me trying to use our new cloth letters. Unfortunately Austin had just found a new place to craw in so he was a little distracted. He did come by and show me the A and them step all over the other letters.

I started off by doing stickers. Austin really does love these but gets frustrated very fast. I tried teaching him the right grip of the stickers and he seemed to do better when I asked him to show me his pinchers. He still had trouble with the smaller stickers but enjoyed picking which stickers he wanted me to hand him.

I tried having Austin put pipe cleaners in a spice container and this was so easy for him that he was done is less then a minute and ready to move on.

Because I have been so unprepared lately I had to think of something quick while I got our craft ready. I handed Austin a bowl of ice and an empty egg carton and showed him how to put one ice cube in each slot. He of course wanted to pour the bowl in, but after a few "no just one at a time" he was patient enough and happily filled each slot. He really liked this and played with it for about 10 minutes. Not bad for an activity on the fly.

Ok all you parents who have been victims to the Yo Gabba Gabba craze sweeping through our young tots. We could not finish up B without making our Brobee. Austin loved this activity and since he tried to watch about 100 episodes a day of this, he was super excited to make this. This activity can also be done with Barney (Austin's second love) but I have not done that one yet.

We finished our morning with a snack of Blue jello

Here is our finished B Fridge. 

Next week we are taking a break from our normal routine and are going to be doing all Valentine themed projects and activities.


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  4. What great activities. Looks likes he had fun this week :0)

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