Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Week Three - Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday

Letter: B
Color: Blue
Verse: I am the bread of life - John 6:48

This week is a challenging on already. Both of my little men are teething and letting me know they are not happy. Austin is not interested in learning so we are having shorter Tot School time and just doing activities through out the day when he seems like he will be interested.

On Monday I began with introducing our verse and our song. Austin likes this song because it has lots of clapping in it. Although Austin can not memorize the verse. I do state it to him several times a day and we sing our song every morning during breakfast.

Austin did his bingo marker dot letter B. He still loves these so I let him do as many as he wants.

Austin also practiced cutting his blue play dough. I tried making a letter B out of it but Austin just wanted to squish whatever I was making.

Austin has an absolute obsession with water and our sink. I figured what better time them to him play at the sink in water and bubbles. Austin had a blast and was not happy when the "wawa" had to go bye bye.
I love this picture. His smock reminds me of a hospital gown with his little diaper showing.

I decided did a very good job putting the ponpoms in container. This kept him busy for about 10 minutes.

Later when little brother was taking a brief nap, I decided to do some imagination play. I am trying to do things out of my comfort zone in hopes to expose Austin to many things. We built a fort or tried to at least. I have to admit i am not the best fort builder but Austin was very proud of his mommy's attempt to build him a "ort"

Austin has some issues with the big bath tub so I wanted to start doing some activities in there for him to become more comfortable. I mixed together shaving cream bath paint and let him go at it. He liked it at first but for a boy, doesn't really like to get his hands dirty so it didn't last as long as I would have expected. He did have fun showing his daddy his "artwork" later that night when he took a bath.

** Note this CAN stain your shower. When I rinsed it off, the grout was a little stained. I sprayed some cleaner on it and left it and it was perfectly clean when I went back. I just wanted state this incase someone does this activity.

Tuesday proved to be a very difficult day. Both boys were in awful moods. I was so excited about all the activities I had stayed up late to create for Austin and he just reminded me when a toddler is not in the mood, it doesn't matter what you have for them.

I tried something new for Tot School with Austin, since our little one was sleeping, I decided to try doing school on the living room floor. I thought maybe Austin would be more active. Well it just taught me that he is not ready for that much freedom and does much better at the kitchen table.

I began by trying to get him to play this cool game I created. Again the boy is OBSESSED with any type of sports ball, so i created a little glove and 4 "balls" with the stuff we have learned on them. he purpose was for Austin to go get whatever ball I asked for and place it in the glove. He did get the concept because he did it once but that was it. Oh well... at least I have it ready for when he is older and more patient.

Next we made a football. Austin actually sat for this one and new right away to "pat,pat" the pieces after he put them on so they stick. Again his interest lasted all of a few minutes.
Austin is still working on the whole sticker thing. He really tries hard but just cant get it. Putting them on paper is also hard. He hasn't figured out how to hold them and gets upset when they stick to his fingers.

I tried another activity with him that again showed his patience and attention span are not ready for very structured activities. I made 4 basketball flashcards and asked Austin to get me a certain letter. My hopes are to have him start matching these as we get more and more letters. I am sure they will be a hit later on (when we are not teething).

To keep with our letter, I created a baseball bat B for Austin to make. I was very proud that I came up with this on my own (if someone else has it out there, i am sorry I just had this idea on my own). Austin loved the little baseballs and kept trying to hit them with the bat I made. He was interested in gluing about 2 of the pieces and them decided it was more fun to put them back in the bag. It did turn out cute though and he looks at the fridge and yells "BALLLLLL"

We did manage to read a lot of books ( I will list these later). I pulled out a new set of books because i was tired of reading the same ones over and over again. I tried to ask Austin questions throughout the book and he was not having it. If I asked a question of where something was, he would grab the book and throw it.

So needless to say I am not sure if anything was absorbed today during school. Austin was very anti-learning but we made it.

Today is Library Wednesday and Austin is very excited. He loves the choo choo they have there. Maybe one day soon, we will actually sit down and read a book there.

Today I have also taken on another challenge....No TV today at all. I have noticed that Austin has become very interested in the TV lately. He screams for "GA, GA" (Yo Gabba Gabba) all day long and will just sit and watch it. Although the show is very educational, we have been having trouble getting him to go to bed at night because he wanted to watch more of it. So today I am not going to turn the TV on at all. Hopefully it works out well and we all survive!

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  1. Hi, just wanted to say i love your work and i saved your link to remind me to do your basketball idea for my brother in laws birthday but then i lost it :( anyways, glad i found you again