Friday, January 22, 2010

Week Two- Friday

Today was a light day. I am trying to get my little one on a better schedule so we are having to devote more time to that. We did manage to get some school in though. Again Austin wanted to pour his chocolate sports balls into containers so he did that while I set up our activity. I did try to get him to color and do stickers for an A book but he pushed that away.

Activity - Floor Letter A- My husband had told me awhile ago that when kids walk the shape of letters, it helps them be able to recognize them and eventually write them. I had forgotten about this until last night when I observed Austin following a circle pattern we have on our rug.

All I did was use construction paper and tape together a large A. Right when Austin saw it he screamed A. Such a proud momma I am. Of course I could not find my phone and our camera was dead so I didnt get any pictures until the end when Austin was board of the activity.

I did have Austin walk the letter a few times. He thought this was very fun as he chanted "walk walk". After I showed him how to drive his little car on the letter. This kept him busy long enough for me to find my phone he had hidden and get a quick picture.

Austin was very proud of our A and since I was busy with his brother, I didn't pick it up. I just placed the rug back down. Later that night, Austin proudly pulled the rug up to show his daddy the letter A and how he could walk and drive his car on it. My husband did get some pictures and a video so I will add those soon.

Next week we are going to begin the letter B and color blue. When doing the painting activity the other day, when I asked Austin to dip in blue, he got it right each time, so I am pretty sure he already knows that color. I also asked Austin the other day at the library to find the letter B and he also did that. I am not sure where he is getting this knowledge but its there. He is a little sponge that absorbs EVERYTHING!


  1. Thats such a big A! Great idea! My boys would love the size of it!

  2. Following you from Following Friday. Love the idea of tracing the letter with cars! Excellent idea! I'll probably back link to this from by blog since I do ideas on intentional play with children.

    Looking forward to more!
    Reagan @