Thursday, January 21, 2010

Week Two - Thursday

Today was a learning experience for me. I learned that Austin is going to turn everything into a pouring activity and he will only use bingo markers now to "color". I have learned gluing activities hold him attention for about 2 seconds, and when he is done, he will demonstrate that by either tearing something up or throwing everything on the floor. I guess I had a little of Tot School myself today.

Our activities today were....

Activity #1 - A Collage. I had everything pre-cut and ready to go. I spread a bunch of glue on the paper in hopes Austin would want to put the pictures on. He did do a few but was more interested in "patting" them down after I put them on.

Activity #2 - I had Austin identify the A in his name. He did this without hesitation I tried to have him simply color his name but he kept saying "dot dot" which is what we say when we use the bingo markers.

Activity #3 - This activity was supposed to be for next week when we study the letter B but Austin saw it and basically threw himself on the ground, so I brought it out. It actually kept him busy for about 20 minutes. I bought at the dollar store these little chocolate sports balls. My intent was for Austin to count them and he watched and repeated me, but when I asked him to do it, he started pouring them from one container to the next. What can I say, the boy LOVES to pour! I did manage to get him to take one at a time and place it into a water bottle. He liked this and it taught him patience, control, and a little thinking because the footballs had to be turned a certain way to fit.

Activity #4 - Painting a large A. Last week we took a trip out to Ikea and got this great easel for $15. It has a chalk board on one side and dry erase board on the other. It also has a spot for a large roll of paper to paint on.

This is how I presented the paint to Austin. I had an egg carton I was saving and I cut two spaces out.  It worked great and there was no messy paint anywhere. I started introducing blue today and was surprised when I would ask Austin to dip his brush in a certain color, he got it right every time!

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  1. Chris,
    How awesome! You are doing such a great job with Austin! I am very jealous. Maybe Nate and I will have to do this over the summer. Very cool! And if it makes you feel any better, everything that Austin is having trouble doing, Nate is too, or can't even do yet! Keep up the great work!! SO cool!