Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Week Two - Tuesday and Wednesday

The last couple of days has been rough. I have had a horrible double ear infection so taking care of the boys was very stressful. We did manage to get some Tot school in but when Austin got frustrated, I did not have the energy to try to keep him there, so Tuesday was a light day.

Activity #1 - Apple Painting

I decided to have Austin paint using an apple as a stamp. I saw on a website to stick a fork in it so it was easier for your tot to hold on to. Austin loved stamping and even did it so much he pushed the fork right through the apple! I plan to cut an apple shape out of the paper but have not gotten around to it yet.

Activity #2 - Sorting

I attempted sorting again with Austin. He either does not get it or has no interest in it. He, like most activities, just wanted to pour. I think my plan is to present this activity to him once a week.

Library Wednesday

Today we went to our wonderful Library. Again Austin had no interest in the books but ran around like a madman playing on all of the toys and making the train go. We discovered the activity center which is basically a huge enclosed playroom with tons of educational toys and puzzles. Austin liked this room very much.

Since I was feeling better this afternoon, I decided to get a little adventurous and let Austin practice pouring water in the living room. My thought was "its only water right?" He actually did very good until the end when he decided to start pouring water on himself. He must have known it was bath night.

My future plans are to finish up the letter A and red this week. I have a couple more projects I hope Austin will do like an A collage and then putting together an A book with some of his crafts he made. The next two weeks are B and Blue. This is going to very fun since he is obsessed with balls. I have so many ideas we might have to take longer the 2 weeks or I will at least post them incase someone else wants to use them.

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