Monday, January 18, 2010

Week Two - Monday

After a great week, we are continuing with the same theme. As of right now I am going to be doing each letter, color, and verse for two weeks just to make sure Austin really grasps the concepts. 

Today I began a little different. I laid each activity out on the table and let Austin chose which one he wanted to do. Since I don't have "tot trays" yet, this was how I improvised. It seemed to work well but was distracting to my little guy who just wanted to keep moving to the next activity. I think I might just present him one and if he likes it, then we will do it, if not just move on. 

Activity #1 - Dot A. 

I have seen this activity for dot painting but was unable to find a website with all he worksheets so I created this on myself. Austin LOVED it. The kid could not have been happier and kept saying "dot, dot" every time he dotted the paper. I showed him once what to do and I was so happy and surprised when he actually got the concept. He lost interest about halfway through but the dots he did were very good. I used bingo stampers and they worked great!

Activity #2 - Reading our books.

I have not themed our books yet, because I kinds just take Austin's lead. He is very particular with what books he likes at a particular time, so as long as he is enjoying books, we read what he wants. 

Austin's current favorite books are : 
1. No More Diapers 

2. Ernies big Mess

3. Barney goes to the fair

4. Goodnight Moon

5. Barnyard Dance

Activity #3 - Practice Pouring with Rice Crispies

Austin LOVES to pour. He loves to play with water and pour it from one container to the next. The problem with water it it ends up all over everything like my floor and him so I decided to try to get him to use other types of textures to pour. This activity kept him busy for a good amount of time. I just gave him different size containers and he went at it. 

Activity # 4- Alligator A - I found this activity on No Time for Flash Cards. I am working on the concept of gluing and actually leaving it on the paper with Austin. He has not quite gotten it yet and will try to peel it off right away. He did try and even got a few teeth on. My plain is to make a different animal for each letter and them display them all.

Activity #5 - Sorting pompons. I gave Austin a mixture of blue and red ones then placed one in a separate bowl. I showed Austin what to do and he refused so we do not have any pictures. Hopefully we will do this another day.

I have many more activities planned but might make it a light week due to me having another double ear infection. We will see how the week goes.

Praise Report

Today I decided to test Austin out on how well he knew the letter A. I found a few things around the house that had a capital A and asked him to show me the A and to my surprise he got it right every time. I was such a proud mama!


  1. Cute Ideas! I love the alligator! My son loves pouring!

  2. Very cute ideas! I like the A Alligator! I need to try pouring w/ my tot. I saw your blog on Diaperswappers! I have a tot section on my blog under tot teachin' - come check it out! :)