Sunday, September 19, 2010

Letter B, Moon, Stars, and Sun

This past week A began the letter B. I decided it was time to move on when he pointed out EVERY SINGLE A we saw whenever we went anywhere. I am very excited he loves finding A's but its time to move on. The odd thing is he knows many letters. He can identify A, a, B, C, E, F, and O without a problem but only gets oddly excited to the point of screaming when he sees and A. So for now everyone in the grocery store for about 3 aisles over knows when my son sees and A.

To review the letter B, we did Balloon painting which was a huge hit. I gave A the letter B and a partially blown up balloon and let him dip it in paint. So simple but he loved it.

We also bought A he very own toddler bible with a case that he loves. He tells everyone he has his own bible and proudly carries to around. I have been making time each day before his nap for us to read a few stories from it and he is enjoying it very much and even told me the other day that Noah was in his bible. I guess he does listen when I read!

We have continued to make his creation numbers and this week we did day 4. I knew this would be exciting because A is currently OBSESSED with the moon. I had him use a cotton ball to paint the 4 black and them we used yellow pom poms for the sun, glitter for the stars and a moon sponge stamp to make moons. Again A loved this. We review each day what God made on each day and I am planning on putting it all in a binder and making his own "bible" that he can add to as he grows and does more activities.

We also attempted some fall crafts. I had A make a leaf wreath using his hand prints which he of course loved because he got to get all messy but for some reason all my paints are drying chalky looking. This is the first time I bought tempera paint from the store because we were going through so much paint so this might be normal but it seems everything he makes almost dries colorless. 

A also did some hands on learning. He loves to watch his Papa come over with his tools and fix things so on this particular day A decided to fix the sit and spin zebra. You gotta love the construction hat on backwards!

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