Sunday, September 12, 2010

Itty Bitty Infant School

M is 12.5 months

Well as normal my little M has been a very busy guy. He was out of commission for about a week due to a bee sting, teething, shots, and a cold that literally hit one right after another. It was rough on all of us and there was not much sleeping going on by anyone but we pushed through and thankfully we have all recovered with exception to the teething.

Aside from supervising his brothers Tot School, M has been busy showing brother new and exciting things. When we ventured outside M made sure his brother stayed in line and didn't venture off.

After seeing how his brother was rolling down the hill M decided it was time to show A that you could also back down the hill just like when going down stairs. M found this method much more controllable and demonstrated this for his big brother. 

M also knew that mommy was very busy during the week and decided it was time to pitch in and help me out a little. During one of his brothers toddler temper tantrums, my sweet little M decided he would go ahead and change his own diaper. Thanks baby for being such a big help to mama!

So after all of that supervising, teaching, and diaper changing, M was exhausted and needed some rest. Sometimes it is so hard in Itty Bitty Infant School. 

Some things M is working on in is spare time when he is not tormenting supervising his brother are his verbal skills. We are really working on pronouncing words and repeating. M can say his brothers name, papa, yucky, mama, dada, brooke (cousin's name), make and elephant noise, moo, and cluck for a chicken. for his non-verbal communication skills M can scream his head off shake his head no, point to what he wants, clap when he is proud or excited, take what he wants out of his brothers hands patiently wait his turn, and point to several objects such as dog, cat, elmo, and Yo Gabba Gabba characters.

M also enjoys eating crayons coloring and climbing on anything  and everything. 

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  1. O man both of my kids have done/do the take off the diaper!! I cant put my son (16 months)alone w/ no pants on cause he ends up naked. My daughter just finally got over that phase