Friday, August 13, 2010

Itty Bitty Infant School

M is 11.5 months old

I was so excited this year to incorporate our sweet little M into our school time. He is 11 months old and VERY active. I have noticed because he has an older brother, in some ways he is so much more advanced then when A was that age. And in some ways he seems so much more like a baby then A was. Whatever it is, I thought it would be easier to include him then try to balance watching him and schooling A.

So here is how our first day of Itty Bitty Infant School went.

I gave M three workboxes. Of course I was up until 2 the night before getting ready and I moved some things around our small condo to try to make a better school area (our kitchen table). I put the boys small table in the kitchen area and places M's work boxes on them. M gets up at around 6:30 and A sleeps until 7-7:30 so its we try to keep M entertained and quiet until his brother gets up. Without missing a beat, M was right in the kitchen grabbing his workboxes, trying to open them and carrying them around the house. He also was tearing apart the schedule and pulling the tabs off A's workboxes.

Let me start by saying M is the cuddliest little guy around and loves his mama but he is a difficult baby. He whines and cries ALOT. He wants constant attention and hates when I even for a second focus on anyone one or thing other then him. According to him, I was created for him and my only person in life is to cater to his every little peep... enter big brother... my other child. So you might see where this is going. Anytime I even turned away from him, he would yell or do something to get my attention.

So when we finally got to school time, I presented M with his first workbox. It was filled with his leapfrog fridge magnets. This is a usual favorite until he is told to play with it.
You can tell he wasn't entertained because he was already playing with a fork that was on the table. He lasted about 2 minutes. 

So I quickly moved onto the next box when he started his grunting and trying to get out of his seat. M loves puzzles and whenever his brother brings them out, he is right there stealing pieces helping put it together. I gave him a puzzle he really hasn't played with hoping it would entertain him for a few moments. 

And with that thought... all the pieces when on the floor. So much for puzzles.

So after about 10 minutes ( I say this very generously, more like 5) this is  M...
Getting away as fast as he can. Not even 12 months old and already trying to skip school. I think I am going to have my hands full with this little guy. 

Like all curious babies, he did eventually did stand at my feet pulling and crying until I picked him up come back. M loves crayons so I gave him an A and a couple crayons. 

He was very thoughtful when using the crayons though. He knows his brother uses them all the time and he took it upon himself to make sure they were safe and if they could possibly be used for a snack if one ever got hungry while coloring. 

... and the results are... Yes on them being safe, No on them being a snack, mostly because mama will take them away.

After the great crayon experiment, M wanted his brothers dot dot marker. So I let him try it.
Again... Yes dot dot markers are safe if put into mouth and No they too cannot be used as a snack because mama will take those away too. 

And then he proceeded to rip his A into many little pieces and eat test those also, So Itty Bitty Infant School ended for the day and it was decided that M's school would not be so structured. 

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