Friday, August 13, 2010

Fun Fridays

It may have only been one day, but I can see my boys need a day where we just have some structured fun. We live in a small 2 bedroom condo with a small outdoor space so getting outside it not a usual occurrence around here. A has been testing him boundaries running around our building, making it almost halfway before we can catch him. he has also been running into the parking lot which we all know can only be a disaster waiting to happen. We are beginning the short sale progress and are going to be listing it in September. Please pray its a quick and easy process so we can get these boys the safe yard they deserve.

Ok enough getting off topic.

We will now be having Fun Fridays. I am going to fill A's workboxes with activities he really enjoys and fun things he likes to do. He will still have school time but it will be much more laid back. My goal is to complete the boxes throughout the day.

Fun Friday Workboxes
1. Fine Motor Skills - connect four game
2. Pre Writing - Workbook
3. File folder - Paint Brush File Folder Game from Confessions of a Homeschooler
4. Playdough
5. Art - Stamping
6. Donut Man DVD

I found this little connect four game at Michael's the other day in their $1 section. A loved it.


Matching all the colors without any help. Ok do toddlers have this secret pack that they will not let their parent know just how smart they really are? I have never even taught A all his colors and even though he wasn't saying the names, he got them all right when sorting.
Showing Mama that Caillou is doing the game with him. Caillou is A's best friend, favorite show and goes EVERYWHERE with him. 


 M taking stuff from helping his brother complete his workboxes. I am still looking for some of the tabs.
"Don't worry big bother, just let me take this tab off, and there you are all done with this workbox. Now on to playing with me."

Today in incorporated an "ALL DONE" box. I was running out of room when A was complete with a box and it was all getting put in my counter so today I just took one of M's boxes since I don't think I am going to use them on a regular basis and when A is all one I have him put everything is there. I can now just empty the box at the end of the day.

Ok so like I stated above, going outside is a challenge and safety issue right now but these boys were driving me crazy so decided we were going to get in our wagon and go for a walk. We have a common area not to far and the boys have some room to run without the scare of a car so we have been going over there more often. Its also the only shaded area so I don't have to worry about the boys getting to much sun. Our deck is shady in the morning but then gets the direct sun all afternoon and is to hot to take little ones out there. We played a little and fed the ducks in a nearby pond and then A was asking to play in his sandbox. I strictly talked to him and told him he had to stay on the deck.

A playing on his slide... M not far behind except he decided to climb up the slide instead of go down... He is our little daredevil. Always climbing.

Sometime the easiest activity is the one that brings the most peace and sanity to a household.

Recipe for happy kids and happy mama
- a few tubs,
- Large cooking spoons and ladles
- Ice (lots of it)
- Water

Fills tubs with ice and water, give kids spoons, relax and enjoy the piece and quiet while the kids play nicely together for over 45 min. Refill ice as much as needed.

A loved this so much he asked for it again in the evening when his daddy came home and the boys played out there again. M got send inside though because in the evening there is to much sun on our deck. It was wonderful for such a hot and humid day. A happily used his ladle to transfer the ice from once container to the next. 

And that was our FUN FRIDAY


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