Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Drawing with a purpose

Although Tot school has formally ended for the summer, our informally learning has not ended. Austin has been into drawing circles for awhile now and for a just turned two year old, is really good at it. He loves drawing and will tell you what he drew or draw what you ask. Of course what you usually get is a circles and maybe a line, typical toddler drawing. Well yesterday Austin totally shocked me when I was getting dinner ready, I asked him to draw Caillou his absolutely favorite cartoon. He drew his typical circle and I thought it would end there as usually but he drew one eye, they the other one and a nose and a mouth. Not only did he actually make sure they were all there, they were actually in the right place. Sure it looks more like the mask from the movie Scream but this picture was identifiable to anyone. I was such a proud momma. And of course I cant wait until all the activities I can start doing with him next year not that he can actually draw with a purpose. 1+1+1 had an article awhile back on this which I read and thought, wow I cant believe these little ones are actually drawing.

My wheels are also turning on having two in the fall doing Tot School. Mason will be 12 months so I want to start some activities with him. Any suggestions on how to manage two during school time? I am excited but mostly nervous on how to manage this.

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  1. I have no tips for you at all! But, I know you'll figure it all out.