Saturday, February 27, 2010

Go Fish Guys

You know that feeling when you and your family are all sitting in the living room, TV off, music playing and your little one is dancing around laughing and screaming with joy? The other night, I got to experience one of those moments. It seems in a world where television, internet and cell phones rule, those special family moments become less and less frequent. Well thanks to the Go Fish Guys and their management company who have been kind enough to send me some material to review, my family gets to look forward to many more of those moments. 

I was lucky enough to receive these CD's from the Go Fish Guys

This CD take your old time favorite kid songs like "Do Your Ears Hang Low", "The Wheels on the Bus" and our personal favorite "Five Little Monkeys" and turns them into something even parents love. When I saw the song list, I was a little hesitant thinking not the same kids songs again. Boy was I wrong. My son immediately started jumping around and by the end was acting out the whole song with jumping, pretend calling the doctor, and shaking his little finger to say "no more". This is literally the BEST version of these songs I have heard and I have worked on a daycare, church class, school. Parents you will not mind listening to this CD over and over again. Although these are not christian in content, I love the idea of supporting a christian band to sing them.

These CD's are by far the BEST christian music for kids I have every heard. I found myself listening to the music in the car today when I didn't even have  my tot in the car. Every song has a wonderful lesson that is put to upbeat music that just makes you and your child want to dance. My son absolutely loves this music. We have been playing it everyday and he runs around dancing and jumping. Our little one even is starting to get in on the action, getting all excited when it comes on. My personal favorite is the mom song. I don't think a mom's job can be summed up in a more perfect and fun way. We also really enjoy "My Church" which describes a child's idea of what church should be. I can not find one complaint with this group and their music and would consider it a must have for raising healthy children in the Lord. Its a great way for them to get all their wiggles out while learning important Biblical messages. 

I would like to thank Go Fish Guys and their management company for bringing my family back to reality and way from all the distractions of the world. Its amazing what can happen when you turn off the cell phones, computers, and t.v. and turn up the volume on the BIBLE BOOK BOP!

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  1. Hi! I came over by way of the blog hop. I LOVE The Mom Song! I actually have it as the ring tone on my cell phone. :)