Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Back to Business

In a world where your 6 month old is teething and refuses to sleep and your toddler has learned the meaning and power of the word NO, there is little time for organization and structure in the day. The game plan... survive the day with as few meltdowns by you, the baby and the toddler as possible. My strategy... expect the worst and anything else that happens will be a welcomed surprise. 

As you can tell things have been quite hectic around here. Last week John had a break from school so little was accomplished in terms of school. On Monday we were welcomed with a huge amount of snow, so it was another day off for daddy. I was determined to regain control of the house and get things back to "normal" whatever that is. 

I am determined to start being more prepared for school. Easier said then done with an infant who is determined to sleep no more then 20 min. at a time during the day. 

Week 7
Letter C
Color Yellow
Verse: Children obey your parents in the Lord; for this is right. Ephesians 6:1

We began by going over our verse. I can't think of a better verse for a toddler. 

We followed that with our letter C and dot markers. 

I attempted my firs file folder game. It came out pretty good. I will have to redo it later on when I have time but it worked well. This is where the proud mama steps in.. Austin did AWESOME! I was not even expecting him to want to touch it. I showed him how to do it first and he took over completing the whole thing. Here I thought the whole time he did not get the concept of matching. Boy was I wrong. Not only does he get it but he flew through it more then once and just to be sure I did it again today he and he did it on his own. 

This week we are also working on using a cup with Austin. He is getting the concept but my baby loves to pour and this is not limited to water play as we learned this morning when a cup of cold milk got poured on our precious little one who was innocently playing in the living room. For now the cup practice will be limited to the kitchen table under high supervision. 

Last night in attempts to be prepares, I stayed up late and planned and prepped several activities. I thought they would last me longer then one day but Austin wanted to do them all so we did. 

We made out caterpillar C which turned out really cute. This is where i learned just how observant toddlers really are. In the middle of the project, Austin grabbed the glue and started gluing himself! He knew just what to do by watching me. I didn't even realize after that Austin had created a pattern on the caterpillar. I let him pick each color to glue on. I am sure it wasn't intentional but it sure does look nice! After the C was done, Austin still wanted to glue so I gave him a piece of paper and he used the leftover circles or "balls" as he insisted. It may not look like much but he did it 100% on his own. I was at the counter gluing on the eyes and pipe cleaners for the caterpillar. I was so proud. 

Another project Austin did was make a corn on the cob. I used bubble wrap and had him paint it yellow, then i glued the husk on. 

Our last project (yes we did a lot today but Austin loves projects) was a popcorn C. This was not a huge success. I guess anything with food and toddler, doesn't go as planned. Austin glued one piece down then kept insisting on eating it. Whenever he is really determined about something, he will sign and say the word almost in a way to say " I really mean it so I am going to say it two way". For every piece I glues on, he ate about 5. 
Austin signing and saying "Eat"

Austin giving me a cheesy smile after each piece he ate. 

We wrapped up our very productive Tot school day with counting. I go this piggy bank at a mom 2 mom sale for $2.00. It an awesome toy. It comes with large coins in different colors and sizes. It also has two settings for music and counting. 

And not to forget our little one who suffered a cold shower of milk this morning. He recovered nicely and even proved he was ready for "Baby School"


  1. That pig is too cute!!! :)

    The corn C is something we have never done, but really need to do!!

  2. My son would love to make the caterpillar. I'm a new follower from FF. You can find me blogging here: http://www.couponclippinmommy.com/

  3. The caterpillar is so cute! I have an award for you over at my blog: http://funhandprintart.blogspot.com/2010/02/kreativ-blog-award-and-beautiful.html

  4. I really like the corn husk! What a great idea.
    Hang in there (great verse btw perfect for your week) :)

    I also have a cranky two year old , am pregnant and have two others. Somehow with God's grace we just keep going! :)