Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Tot School Day 2

Color: Red
Letter: A
Verse: Keep me as the apple of your eye Psalm 17:8

We began our day a little early today. Both boys got up very early and Mason luckily took a nap so I jumped on the opportunity to not be interrupted so we began at 8:15 today. After a breakfast of red pancakes, Austin happily took his seat in the kitchen for "cool" as he would say. 

I began with the memory verse. Austin again was happy to point out the apple and eye, and repeat a few words but was very uninterested today in singing. I skipped the color box today and just presented Austin with the playdough. I gathered up some of his kitchen toys like a play knife and pot and showed him what he could do with it. He liked to cut it in half. I also made "balls" for Austin and he loved to squish them in his hands. Up until this point he didn't want to work with the playdough but now he loves it. I can see this in our daily routine. 

After the playdough, I presented Austin with his shape sorter he got for Christmas. I would present him with two shapes and ask him to hand me the red one. He got it right a few times but was very uninterested in this activity as I learned when he started throwing the shapes across the room! Oh well, maybe another day. 

Showing me the red block. (before he threw it)

I quickly moved on to painting which is an all time favorite of Austin's. I gave him a cotton ball (which he was afraid to touch at first) and showed him how to dip it in paint and place it in the plate. He did very well with this until he decided he wanted to make handprints. I just took his lead and handed him another letter A and kept applying paint to his hand. After he was done with that I gave him some stickers that he had spotted the day before and let him place them on the letter A. He loved this. He had a hard time getting them off his fingers but he tried. 

Cotton Painting

Finished "apple"

Putting stickers on his A after he made handprints.

Finished A

When he decided he was done with the stickers, we read a book about how God created the earth. He was very uninterested and kept shutting the book telling me "done". He did manage to point out a few animals and name a few sounds like his sweet, quiet lion roar. 

I wanted Austin to work more with the cotton balls as a sensory activity since he was hesitant to touch them. I gave him 3 different containers, a toilet paper roll, empty formula container and a baby food jar. I demonstrated placing the cotton balls into each container. He happily played with this for about 5 minutes until he decided school was over and he wanted down. He lasted 45 minutes today and was a very good boy. Right on cue with Austin being done, Mason woke up and our day began!
Dumping the cotton from the baby jar into the formula container

A moment of discovery when he picked up the tube and the cotton balls the he placed in there were gone. He didn't see them fall out the bottom. It was very sweet and he looked for them. 

Tomorrow I think we are going to take a break from the color red and focus on the letter A. I would like to make Austin an A book for future use.

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