Monday, January 11, 2010

Day 1 - Success

Tot School
Austin - 18 months 

I am not normally going to post everyday but we had such a good day I thought I would share what we have done. Austin amazed me and flew through everything. Tomorrow I am going to have to have more activities planned. 

We began the day with Austin dancing around the living room. I knew that if I wanted him to sit then he would need to get some energy out, so while I fed Mason, he listened to music and entertained me.

After a yummy breakfast of RED oatmeal and dancing, we started school at 9:00. With Mason happily swinging and watching Praise Baby, Austin and I took a seat at the kitchen table. I began with our bible verse. He repeated a few words but soon got mad that I wouldn't let him destroy the paper. 
Mason during school time

Austin loved putting some red sprinkles in his oatmeal. 

Enjoying his oatmeal

Reading his bible verse. He liked to point out the apple and eye when he was asked. We also sang a song with the verse that Austin happily swayed along to and "sang" back. 

After singing and going over our verse a few times, I introduced Austin to his color box. This is a a box where I have gathered some of his toys along with some new items all that are red. He saw me putting it together the night before and couldn't wait to get his hands on it. I let him explore the box on his own and just kept telling him the items were the color red asking him to repeat read a few times. 

Exploring his red color box

Austin liked the play dough the best. This was something new I put in there. He didn't want to play with it but liked to take it out and put it back in its container. 

After the color box we did our craft. Austin painted dots on a letter A with red paint. I don't have any pictures of this being done due to the fact of an 18 month old with paint is not a good combination if not directed every second. Here is the finished product. I added the green leaves and stems to make them apples to go along with our verse. 

After our project we worked on fine motor skills which I learned Austin is a pro at already. He loved the activity though. Austin took spaghetti noodles and placed them into the holes of an empty spice container

After the fine motor skills practice, we practiced our letter A on Austin's magnadoodle, which he just wanted to draw. We then read a book together and Austin actually sat through the whole thing. He happily identified objects like cats and dogs throughout the book. By this time it was almost 10 and Mason was not having fun anymore. So while I tried to get him to nap, Austin enjoyed some red jello for a snack.

Unfortunalty Austin was unsupervised during the jello eating and while it all did get in him mouth, his whole face and hands are stained red! Oh well we had a great time at Tot School. 

As soon as we were done, he ran over the couch like he had such a hard day. Gotta love the red stained face!

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  1. Wow! That is such a great first day. I can not wait to see what else you come up with.