Friday, March 11, 2011

Quick Update

A has been amazing. He recently started saying his ABC's All the way through, can count to 20 without any issues, and today recognized his name and his brothers name when I wrote them on a piece of paper. I was amazed by this and I hope he wasnt just guessing because I was pretty impressed. He has had a lack of patience and focus lately. I assume its due to the fact that its the middle of March and we just had another snow storm that closed school and kept us inside again. I think the cabin fever has been taken to a whole new level around here. I am sure once I get him out he will have more patience to sit and do school activities.

On top of all our school stuff, He is now completely potty trained! I didn't think I would would make it but now that I look back, it was actually very fast and simple.

We have done some St. Patrick Day crafts. We made shamrocks by cutting green paper and gluing it to a white shamrock and A also made a leprechaun.  A is really into cutting and has mastered using scissors. He LOVES to cut up paper into very small pieces and lets just say my vacuum has been used a lot more then the normal 2 times a day.

M is still amazing me every day. He is a total parrot and copies and repeats whatever anyone says or does. He is so verbal and can be understood most of the time when he speaks. He actually did stickers this week and instead of the usual of just pulling them off and scattering them, he actually places about 4 on the paper before he started trying to eat them. He has very good hand eye ordination for 18 months. He is starting to work puzzles and understand that the pieces go in a specific spot.

Oh and M... well he uses the potty a lot and LOVES it. If I wasn't so stressed from potty training A I might move on to M who I think would be super fast but for right now he goes whenever he asks or before bath time.

Pictures to come.

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