Sunday, September 5, 2010

Learning Placemat Printable

I have been working on some printables for A and M is my spare time (and by spare time I mean time I should be sleeping late at night) Here is a learning placemat that I created for A. He loves having a placemat and I thought it would be fun to personalize one he can look at and talk about while waiting for a meal. Right now I created one with the alphabet, colors, numbers and at the bottom I left a black spot for you to personalize. I have added A's name because I am working on name recognition with him right now. You can add whatever you like such as shapes or color blocks, whatever your little one is focusing on. I hope to make one more "girl" friendly with that will have to come later. Next on my to do list is to create one for M and then make some "dot dot" sheets that A absolutely loves.

as for what we have been doing in tot school, well my husband and I switched phones (I finally get to have an iphone) and all of my past weeks tot schools pictures are on the other phone so we will have to get around to that one later. I am excited for the iphone and have already downloaded some apps for the boys. The alphabet tracer is mine and A's favorite right now and he happily traced his letters (not really traced but attempted to) the whole time we were in the grocery store. Was the creator of these apps a mom who had to take toddlers to the grocery store because I don't know how I ever survived without it. With the iphone and come goldfish crackers, A would have happily shopped all day long.

Learning Placemat 1


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