Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Pushing through - Week 8

For some reason this week has been a struggle for us all. Its seems that I am suffering from a lack of motivation. Luckily my little tot has pushed through and has been asking for his school activities on his own. I guess this is a good sign that Austin likes what we are doing and is now used to our schedule.

Last week we had our first school date with my friend Jessica and her Daughter Maddie. They are going to be starting Tot School soon and wanted to get an idea what we do. Of course putting two toddlers in a house with lots of toys usually equals craziness and this was no exception. Austin just refers to Maddie as "girl" when I ask him about her and was a little thrown off with someone playing with his toys. All in all it was a good time and although not much school work got done, Jessica and I got to visit and both tots got to play and interact with each other.

Earlier this week Austin made his Papa a picture since he is recovering from a surgery. Austin really liked this. Unfortunately it turned into a big brown mess but Papa loved it. 

Austin has been using his imagination a lot lately. I think my favorite activity is to sit and watch him play. It is amazing how kids play when they think no one is watching. This is Austin playing car with his chairs. He lined them up, pretended to buckle his seat belt and even put stuff in the seats. 

We also worked with the dropper again although Austin decided to use a spoon instead. 

Austin's love for gluing is growing and he enjoys the responsibility of doing it himself. Today we glued cotton down for Clouds. Austin did Awesome and gets the whole concept now of putting the glue down, placing the item on the glue, pressing it down, and actually leaving it on the paper. 

We did a lot of other activities this week. While I was getting lunch together, I gave Austin his Melissa and Doug safari puzzle. When I looked over to check on him, he had the whole thing done. Of course I made a huge deal and he got embarrassed and that was the end of puzzle time. 

Austin has been asking for his "dot dot" markers a lot. Whenever he asks I let him use them. It makes me so happy that he is liking our activities and starting to communicate what he wants to do. 

Austin and our little one have been getting up extremely early lately. Today I was feeding our little guy and laughing because he kept dozing off while eating. Little did I know that right in front of me, Austin had also fell asleep in his chair with his snack in hand. He ended up sleeping 3 1/2 hours. 


  1. Aww! Your little guy is so precious! Have you read the book Mommy Teach Me by Barbara Curtis? There are a lot of "school" activities that she explains that are similar to what you're doing - hands on, and great for Tots and preschoolers and developing those motor skills.

  2. I love the picture of your son asleep with his food! I have a few of my son that way too :) I have an award for you on by blog http://ourcountryroad.blogspot.com/2010/03/red-carpet-week-happy-101-award.html