Friday, February 12, 2010

Week 5

Valentines Week 

This week we spent time away from our normal verse, letter, color format and enjoyed doing Valentines day themed projects and activities. I think Austin really enjoyed this. I know having two boys, I welcomed the opportunity to add a little pink and purple to the mix!

We did do a verse this week it was 

We started off the week with some yummy french toast.

The first activity that we did was our LOVE TREE. I had everything already premade. I used foam heart stickers from Michaels so that Austin could just stick them on. Austin loves his tree and will look at it and name some things we put on it. It is very sweet, almost like he is reading it. 

For lunch one day we had Hot dog Hearts

Of course we had to have some sort of water play this week so I decided to work on Austin's fine motor skills and start him using a dropper. I used one from an old medicine bottle (we have so many with two teething little ones). I showed Austin a few times what to do and he caught on really quick. He understood to squeeze to get the water out but needed help to get the water in the dropper. It was a great activity to help work those little finger muscles. After some dropper work, I gave him a baby spoon and he worked with that. 

This week we also did one of Austin's new favorite activities... Baking. He now loves to help me make anything and is getting really good at being patient and waiting for the next step. Austin also gets a chance to build his vocabulary during cooking time. I have him repeat whatever he is doing. He loves to "mix mix" now and will ask before I even tell him. This week we baked heart shaped chocolate chip cookies. Austin was very sweet when putting in the flour yelling "no no" (Snow).

On Wednesday, we got hit with a big snow storm so daddy got a snow day from his school. Austin loved this and enjoyed every minute of having daddy home for the day. Of course this threw our schedule off a bit but we didn't mind. While daddy made come breakfast, Austin enjoyed the new "no" in the sink. 

 Instead of the library, we took advantage of our extra set of helping hand and headed over to Kiddie Klub to play. This was Austin's first time there and absolutely loved it. After Kiddie Klub we enjoyed a play date with Austin's friend Nate for some playtime in the snow. 

This week we read 

I had Austin use a heart stamper and paint to make hearts on a large sheet of white paper. I also had him use one of his toy cars to drive across the paper. He liked this one very much. After it dried I cut out hears in different shapes and we hung them from the ceiling. Whenever you ask Austin where his rain is, he points to the hearts. 

** the heart stamper I made. We used a large foam heart sticker and stuck it to the bottom of an old film container I had. I forgot where I got this idea but it worked great. 

Some other activities we did this week was work on directions and self control. Austin loves to throw and kick his Elmo soccer ball so I cleaned up the floor from our many toys and had Austin stand at one end of the rug and me at the other. I would say an action like "kick" or "throw" and them pass the ball to Austin. He enjoyed this and actually listened and followed directions. It seems simple but for him to focus and control his actions is very impressive. 

Lastly we made a heart fishy and a heart piggy. Instead of putting all his crafts on the fridge, I have been displaying them around the house as decorations. He will proudly show you were something is if asked. 
Not so much a pig but we tried.


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