Saturday, February 20, 2010

Mid Winter Break

This week my husband had mid-winter break at his school our daily routines were thrown off. Austin was so excited to have his daddy home that I didn't make him take time out of their playing for Tot School. It was nice to have him home and we got many projects done and running around that needed to be done, but I am looking forward to getting back to out normal routine. Austin has been to bed late, up early, short or no naps and very little structure. One day while John was painting the basement, I attempted to do a structures activity with Austin and it worked for about 10 minutes.

I bought these grow capsules from Targets $1 section. Austin really liked them except they took a long time to dissolve.

we did a lot random activities whenever we could fit them in. One thing Austin enjoyed was washing the potatoes for dinner.

This week John and I have been really working with Austin on his pronunciation of words. He tends to say the beginning of a word. He has been doing really well with this so far.

Here are a few random pictures from this week. 

Brotherly love! Don't worry, Austin isn't sitting on his little brother, he is sitting on the tray. This is what happens when mommy has her backed turned to dust the mantle. Our little guy was just so excited Austin was that close to him. He loves his big brother!

Next week its back to work. We are going to be starting the letter C and the color yellow. I might also start throwing in numbers here and there since Austin has started showing an interest in counting. 

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  1. So cute! I thought about getting the grow capsules from Target but I didn't buy them. I might put them in Connor's Easter basket. I love the pictures. The last 2 pictures could so be my boys with what they are doing. So cute! You have adorable boys!

    I'm following you from Friday Follow!